Thursday, June 28, 2012

Better late than never...?

So I realize that I have not updated this blog in a very very very long time.  A lot has happened in the last six months so I will just highlight some of the key points.

Heidi- I finished my student teaching, which I absolutely loved, in April and have been doing some temporary jobs since.  For about a month I actually taught ASL (sign language) at a charter school in Spanish Fork.  Do I know ASL? Not really.  Luckily I have a friend who is fluent so I would go visit him once a week and he would teach me what to teach.  Kind of weird? Yes.  But it was fun.  I have also been substituting in Jordan which has been great because I have been able to get A TON of ideas for my own classroom.  My most exciting news is that I got a job!  I am going to be the new fifth grade teacher at Butterfield Canyon Elementary in Herriman.  I can't even describe how excited and yet terrified I am for this.  A funny little story about this is that I interviewed with the Principal of the school and it went extremely well.  I think we really just clicked and I was able to be myself during the interview.  He called me a few days later and offered me the job and I accepted.  That night I went to Brad's cousin's wedding reception and started talking to Brad's aunt, Ruth.  She had heard about my job and was congratulating me when she asked if I remember my Principal's name.  It turns out that my principal is actually Ruth's brother.  He had no idea I was related to Ruth because all my paperwork still says Heidi Bradshaw not Perkins.  Anyways, what a small world.  I start on July 18th and school starts on the 25th which is crazy soon!  It is a year round school which means I won't get a 3 month summer vacation but I will get several 3 week vacations throughout the year.

Brad- Since my new job is in Herriman, Brad and I decided to move closer to my work.  We found an amazing basement apartment in a beautiful, huge cabin up on a mountain about 7 mins away from my school.  Way nice for me, not so nice for Bradley.  No, but really it is a perfect solution because Brad had decided to switch majors and has transfered to UVU which is right by the freeway in Orem.  That will be about a 35 min drive from our new place.  He was able to work his schedule out so that he only goes to school twice a week and the other days he is going to work in Salt Lake at his dad's shop.  So Herriman is close to being right in between Salt Lake and Orem so we feel good about our decision.  I think Brad is going to miss his job at BYU, office coordinator for computer labs, but I think he is excited for the change.  This summer has been kind of  busy one for him.  Whenever he isn't at work, he is working on upgrading our jeep.  He has done a lot to it and done a great job.  His latest addition is a roof rack that he designed and made himself.  I was shocked to discover that to buy a roof rack, not nearly as large as the one Brad built, is about $600!  We saved a ton and I think it looks perfect.

Here is just a bunch of random pictures from the past six months. Enjoy!

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